Enlightenment Perfection

and Being Fucked Up



The experience of truth, silence and nothingness is eternal. When you relax into stillness, in those rare moments where your original self is present within, the true taste of stillness is available to you. This is the exact taste experienced by Buddha, by Jesus, Krishna, all realised beings merge in ‘The nothing’. Inner stillness, unchanged and unchangeable, is the resource available to those who can decipher the inner map. But which is the right map? Is it the Buddhist map? The Christian map? The yoga map? Ramana’s map? There have been so many genuine masters throughout the ages all with different maps. Surely all the maps are true if the nothingness remains the same? No map of consciousness exists or is needed. What is needed is a map of the human condition, our inner terrain is what has to be negotiated. Matter or form is in a continual state of change. I was interested to see that an underground chamber within Silbury Hill changed its position within the hill over a period of years. So even buried treasure changes position over time.So all the Masters over the years have been giving maps to decipher the human condition not maps of consciousness itself. But some of these maps become more obsolete as human conditioning changes over time. Does Buddha's map work today? Can Jesus’s map work for me, “The kingdom of god is within” his has to be a map of my inner reality. Ramana’s map has to be closer to what I am like today? Can the human condition have changed much since he was alive? The last fifty years has seen the greatest change ever in the human condition. Intense sophistication has occurred in our mental and emotional conditioning. Look at the quantity and quality of media input that enters your senses compared with life with no TV, mobile phones or internet. Massive advances have been made in our understanding of the way we work physically and mentally. This new knowledge can be of great value to the current version of the map that can be devised by the living masters of today.

All past maps have been of the human interior terrain, for it is conditioning and the presence of a reactive energetic charge within that prevents each individual from merging in stillness, with the nothing. So something is preventing you being nothing. If you can find out what it is, can you do anything to change your situation? There is nothing to do! ~ This is in itself a map which says give up all hope all trying all effort etc. But how do you do nothing? If you continually find yourself doing something don’t despair, this map was designed to do your head in. It was designed for far less sophisticated minds than those that exist in western 21stC reality. If it works for you, great ~ if not read on. This map also says I don’t know how I was enlightened so there is nothing I know that you can do to be enlightened. Maps are of use for individuals who choose to do everything possible to make the space within themselves ready for ‘grace’ to enter. We are at a time when the existing maps have done the work that they can inspire. Are you ready to open to the creative inspiration of the current generation of living masters? Detachment ~ How can you do this? What is meant is best illustrated by seeing you have many parts to your personality. The separate parts store up attitudes and ways of acting that get reused to deal with situations in your present. The part of you that is alive in the present does not need to rely on your past scripts. Detachment shows up the choice between acting out a past script or living and acting in response to your present moment. The difference can be identified by the quality of the energetic feeling that you have when acting from these two distinct options. You can learn to tell the difference between scripted behaviour and present originality. Both options involve your senses and feelings. So it’s not detaching from your senses or your feelings. You need to be in your senses to tell the difference, to be able to distinguish if your feelings/emotions are from a past script or your present context. Original action can include past experience but past scripts do not contain present originality.

The original part of you is looking to see what effect your communication is having in the other. Originality is a fresh response to the current communication. A script compels you to act out the next scene without absorbing the current communication and responding from the updated context. So detachment is living in the now, fully engaged in your senses, choosing not to act out of your past scripts. Disengage from your past scripts and attitudes not your senses. Your senses provide richness and depth to your life, they provide safety by recognising potential danger. Detachment from your feelings is a misinterpretation of an ancient truth. Enlightenment is being fully alive not withdrawn from feeling your life. If there is no guarantee that enlightenment, liberation, self realisation will occur for me, what is my life about? Most maps have used enlightenment as the end of the story. ‘She lived happily ever after!’ But this is not so, merging with ultimate silence is a resource. A way to recharge and live the responsibilities of higher consciousness, which is to alleviate suffering in the human condition. What happened after my awakening 42 years ago was a relentless examination of my self, my experience, my beliefs and my attitudes. A process of sorting out truth from my personal strategies. Who is asking the question? ~ This is a great map it is really pointing in the right direction, but the detail of how to understand and enjoy this journey was very limited when it was created. Standing on the shoulders of giants has always been the contribution of living masters. The direct experiencing of truth is not different generation to generation. The work for a master is to create a map in the language of the time that will benefit those individuals who would choose to follow original guidance. Creatively using the expanded knowledge of material reality to negotiate themselves into the right shape to receive the matrix of ultimate consciousness.

Who am I? ~ There is not just one solution to this map. The traditional terrain for this map is the domain of consciousness and a result here would give you the direct experience of inner freedom. The picture portrayed is of getting out of everyday reality, existing as a perfect being, transcending human conditioning. Some realisers will confirm this as their experience. But it is only part of the picture. There are four domains of experiencing, enlightenment is the integration of the four domains, not just dwelling in the domain of consciousness. Awakening is the start of seeing reality, it is an active discernment of fact from strategy. How or from where you see is the once and for all part. What you see continues to expand. A living masters work is to communicate what can be done and where it can be done and all the doing takes place in the human condition, the domains of Body, Mind and Emotions. The only doing in the domain of consciousness is to pollinate the expanded seeing into the other three domains. What I am saying is that the experience of living enlightenment is an experience of living in and of this reality, not one of transcending it. Consciousness accepts all the imperfections that exist in you. Knowing your limitations, you can be active in changing the way that you treat yourself and other people. By seeing that you are accountable for the way that you treat other people, even though you may experience yourself as ultimate consciousness, you can act in new ways which reflect your expanded awareness. What can be worked on is your conditioning and your strategies, we are all imperfect beings, suggesting that you can become perfect is original SPIN.

There is spiritual work to do for the benefit of yourself and the benefit of humankind.