who is ian wolstenholme?


Ian is an enlightened man, whose work is to guide people to experience a greater depth within themselves. He has been working with people for over twenty years, facilitating groups, doing talks and giving individual person alchemy consultations. Ian is willing to drop the mask and show others who he truely is - without pretence or hiding behind an enlightened facade. Energetically this creates a space where your true feelings and thoughts can come to the surface and everything that you are can be seen and accepted for what it is. Ian's approach is to guide you into your own empowerment, so you are able to accept all the parts of yourself and see them rightly, for it is only in doing this that you can truly be free.



In 1969 while working as a design consultant in London, Ian had a profound experience of ‘realisation’. It was an ‘awakening’ from which moment his state of consciousness was fundamentally changed. This experience forced him to relentlessly examine and challenge his own beliefs, ideals and values, filtering out all that was unreal as he came to ‘know himself’. However doubts still existed in him as to whether he had experienced a ‘true awakening’. Reading about the experience of many awakened teachers of the time seemed to increase the doubt as none seemed to fit with his own experience. Between 1979 and 1981 Ian spent time with the enlightened mystic Osho in a community in India. Here thousands of Westerners were devoting their energy towards awareness. In this environment Ian could focus entirely on deepening his own realisation experience. As his process expanded it deepened his insight into other people. He began to discover and develop new self-discovery processes and therapies, facilitating workshops in different countries as his understanding of people grew. In 1984 he met the enlightened teacher Barry Long who was teaching in the UK and Australia. Ian decided to devote his time and energy to working with Barry in Australia and for ten years he worked for, organised and ran the Barry Long Centre which came to be a successful worldwide organisation. At the end of this period Ian was cast out by Barry. Now ready to share his own understanding and experience, Ian’s own doubt had been replaced by an unshakeable trust and a deep acceptance of who he is. In 1997 Ian returned to the UK and began his own work. His teachings developed out of seeing what was needed by the people who came to speak with him. Giving talks predominantly in London, it became clear what direction his work needed to go in. What emerged was a new perspective in seeing enlightenment, relationships and inner freedom.

Ian currently lives in Glastonbury, Somerset with his partner Anna. He meets with people around the UK and in Europe, facilitates workshops and ongoing courses, gives private consultations (in person or via skype) and runs retreats.

“Expansion of your consciousness allows you

to see your whole reality.

You are alive in four domains of experiencing.

Body, Thought, Emotion, Awareness 

"Each domain has its own attributes and needs. You can distinguish different types of information that enter your senses. The least obvious type is 'emotional energy' , this is what your system has been using to decide how to act. When you see how you react to other people's emotional energy you can more easily understand why you act the way you do. It is acting from our emotional scripts that prevents the more subtle experiencing of awareness.”

This interview with Ian was done by Reinhold for Jetzt-TV