from spiritual misconceptions

to acceptance of all you are



Many of the people who come to see me have been following a path of advaita or have listened to enlightened Masters who teach detachment from mind, emotion, and body. This is a beautiful and necessary approach that Masters and teachers have used - watching, witnessing and coming to see ‘there is nobody there’.

But I am forced to say that many people have come to make the teachings mean something totally different. This is why my approach is radically different - I have to address the misconceptions and beliefs that over time have built up around teachings of enlightenment.

Main misconceptions
1. If I get enlightened I will no longer have any problems I will be free of feelings, thoughts pain.

~Not True~ Enlightenment is a deep acceptance of your feelings and will enable you to feel the pain more totally than ever before you will no longer try to escape the pain but you will not be free from pain.

2. If I experience painful feelings I must deal with it by detaching from the feeling.

~Not True~ The way to move through difficult feelings is to feel them totally, embrace it, have it in your body while it is processed through your system - this is a true healing. But I don't mean let the feeling act out it's story, be like a wine glass and contain the feeling and the energy that it releases in you. When you are triggered emotionally do not speak or act from the emotional script that is running in you, if you must speak take responsibility for your energetic by saying "I am processing an emotional script right now, so it's not a good time to get some clarity from me."

3. My feelings are of no value.

~Not True~ Your feelings are an important source of information that guide you and teach you.

I am coming from the viewpoint of seeing what is needed by the people around me. If no teacher was talking of witnessing and detachment I would talk of that. But it has been said enough. My work is to redress the balance - I have to help you see that ‘yes’ use the tools of being the seer and of detaching from suffering but don’t let this diminish your feelings and your senses My work is based on acceptance - it is ok to feel what you feel, it is more than ok it’s important, if you learn to trust your senses they will be a key to your empowerment, truth, reality and enlightenment. You are scared that by feeling you will be stuck with those feelings forever, but you grow and mature as a person by processing the emotional effects of difficult situations in your life. I let you see that I have bad habits and fucked up behaviour patterns so that you can accept those parts in you too. It is not good if everytime you feel bad you jump quickly and say I must detach myself otherwise I am not being spiritual. You start to remove yourself from your body and feelings, pushing the difficult parts of you into hidden corners to hide. Its almost like holding your nose and your breath until the smell goes away. No, the way through is to say ‘I feel bad, I fucked up and its ok’. Being with the feeling does not mean it will stay with you forever or that its ok to feel bad forever but your acceptance of the feeling changes it. If I let you carry on believing in the myth of enlightenment (the belief that you smell of roses and walk round on a bliss cloud) then you will carry on trying to rid yourself of all the parts of you that you don’t accept.

You will think that before you become enlightened

you must become pure.

No, enlightenment is a deep acceptance of ALL you are - including those parts of yourself that you consider unacceptable.