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one2one consultations with Ian

self discovery is the process of seeing yourself,
seeing through the illusions of your conditioning and finding the real you.
everyone will tell you to be yourself,
but how can you know which of the voices inside your head is the real you?

i can guide you to sort out your inner reality.
i use my own direct experience as an enlightened man along with
more than 30yrs of experience in spiritual psychotherapy.
come and meet with me
consultations both for individuals and couples

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i asked several people who have met with me to write about their consultations ;

Ian approaches his consultations with sensitivity and intelligence. I have found that his practical, grounded response to my inner conflicts have allowed me to truly grow “with” them rather than find a temporary “solution”. I trust Ian.

It’s hard to translate into words what several months with Ian can give you. I thought I was fine before I started coming to see Ian, yet I have moved on in leaps and bounds in the subsequent 6 months. The truth is that I didn’t even want to come in the first place, but my partner wanted me to come following a short period of depression. If only I’d known about Ian years ago. Although I wouldn’t have thought I needed counselling (and many people would feel that way), I think anyone coming to Ian would benefit greatly whether you’ve suffered from depression or not. As a result I’ve gained a better understanding of myself, am much happier individually and within my relationship, worry infinitely less than before and all in all have benefited enormously as a result of seeing Ian. Ian was recommended to me and I would happily and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone for both counselling and lifecoaching (which I’m working on with him presently).

I came to Ian with a number of “problems”. What I came to realise is that my “problems are actually the source of transformation ~ not in that the situations will go away ~ but that if I hold the correct “view” I can see them for what they are, which is the true nature of changing, like a cocoon to a butterfly.

I have known Ian since 1997 and over the last six years, I have participated in men's groups and open sharings where Ian has either formally or informally acted as facilitator. I have also at various stages seen Ian on a one-to-one basis in his role as a counsellor. Despite not appreciating it at all times, I know that it is a gift for me to work with Ian. Perhaps the greatest lesson that I have learnt over the last few years and one that I am continuing to learn is that of acceptance of myself. It is a major plank of Ian's work - to be aware of your present situation and to accept it. Ian is a true friend to me and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Working with ian has helped me gain a lot of trust in myself. I have learnt some wonderful ‘life skills’ which enable me to read myself and others and to communicate accordingly.

Talking to Ian, it is as if the world stops turning and you are looking or seeing life in new ways.

Without resorting to “escape routes” or explanations but just by gently allowing me to accept myself “as is”, Ian has helped me to better understand a number of elements of my life that were causing pain and confusion.

I have found that Ian has supported my search for self-knowledge in a practical, nonjudgemental and sensitive way. For me Ian’s approach combines a deep understanding and compassion of the human as well as the spiritual aspects of life.


Please phone +44 (0)1458 832 471 to talk with Ian

or email nutanian@hotmail.com

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