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“We are all the same - in that what we need is some friendship, kindness, truth and gentleness. Everything we do is really trying to get that, but we are doing it in such indirect ways. The way through is to learn to be more direct and see ‘I do need love, friendship, kindness and it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with me.’ We have all learned to mask ourselves to look as if we are OK, but it is only by seeing and accepting all that we are that we can get to freely choose how we want to relate and how to live a life of integrity and truth”

Ian's way of seeing creats a space of mutual trust and intimacy which enables you to open yourself to those present. By revealing yourself you learn that what you are is OK. You can then embrace the parts of yourself that have been left festering in hidden corners of your being, creating difficulties in your relationships, friendships, your work and creativity. By revealing yourself to others you create the space for more trust to occur, you play an active role in being responsible for the energy of the group. This process is more than just sitting silently and listening to a speaker; it is about actively being accountable for yourself and your effect on those around you. This transformative proccess allows you to feel areas of your life that were once hidden. Ian creates an atmosphere of love and respect to enable you to share your true feelings and needs and to help you resolve core issues that may be frustrating you in your everyday life. This work requires courage, honesty and a willingness to be open, but only by facing these hidden aspects of yourself can you become aware of the patterns and belief structures that keep you locked in suffering and keep you from living in the present.

Inner freedom is being awake now, seeing life as it is.

Warning Core issues in your life revolve around past trauma and pain that has lain unresolved in you since childhood. The transformative nature of Ian's work alows you to access these areas and face up to them in the present. Facing up to feelings that we may have been avoiding for years is a rewarding but difficult journey. Sometimes you will feel like running away and blaming others for your pain.

The nature of this way of seeing is to help you to see clearly what pain is coming from your past and what is in the present. By being accountable for yourself, your thoughts, words and actions in a supportive environment you gain insights into those parts of yourself which for years have caused you conflict and suffering.